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Privacy Policy

Chit MayMay is committed to protecting your privacy as well as your private data. Through this Privacy Policy, we will describe our practices of privacy and security implemented in the collection, use, and other phases of personal data on our platform.

What data is collected from users?

Personal Data: Data required to register with Chit MayMay; For example full name; email address, telephone, date of birth, gender, and usage.

Financial Data: purchased on the Chit MayMay app; For example 1 month subscription; 3 months subscription,1 year and 2-year subscriptions.

Where is the data used?

Chit MayMay uses your data for:

1) Enhance the website and application mobile device experience.

2) Save users’ questions for the doctor to answer.

3) Develop more apps.

4) For advertisements for DKMads and DKMads-related businesses,

5) App access logs and user information are used for advertising.


If you have any questions or concerns about Chit MayMay’s Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy, please contact us by email or phone at the following address:

Address: No.69, Way Lu Won, Main Street, 11111, Myanmar (Burma)

Phones: +95 9261002559

E-mail: [email protected]